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King Gradlon loves his daughter, Princess Dahut, more than anything. He loves her so much that he will give her anything she wants. Everybody does as the princess commands, because everybody wants to make her happy. But the princess becomes spoiled and thinks no one is more important than her.

When the king builds a walled city on the seashore for Princess Dahut, she is pleased with her lavish new castle. It has gold and marble and beautiful views of the ocean. Despite all her riches, there is still something special the princess is determined to have, but it could be the one thing that she can never own.

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Nicholas, When Santa was a boy.

Everyone knows Santa Claus – right? Well of course we do. Santa Claus loves boys and girls and loves giving them presents. However have you ever wondered what Santa Claus was like when he was a boy himself? Well read this story to find out.

This is the story of Nicholas – the boy who became Santa.

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Nicholas, Santa uses his Noggin.

Nicholas and the mischievous elves are back for another adventure!
The elves have been asleep for months, but now it’s time for them to wake up, stretch and do some work. There are lots of toys to be made before they go out with Nicholas on Christmas Eve to leave gifts for all the good boys and girls on the mountain.
And this year Nicholas has a special gift for each of the elves. But grumpy Rupert will have to show everyone he can be a kind elf if he wants to receive a gift too.

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This year the list of children is even longer, and Rubert is grumpier then ever!
How will Nicholas and the elves make enough gifts for everyone? And how will they stack all the presents on the sleigh, never mind get it to move with all the packages on board?
Nicholas has a plan, but first he has to make some new friends to help him out. Let’s hope he and the elves can visit every house on the mountain before Christmas morning!

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